Hello Doctor I am sending this message as a gratitude and a feeling of thankfulness for everything you have done for me. Battling ten years of childless state is not easy! It takes a toll on an individual both mentally and in relationships also!! And just when I had given up every hope, god made me meet you! And my life changed!!!! Only I know what you did for me-how you convinced us to go for IVF, how you personally monitored my condition, how you did not give up even when I was not so sure !!! And your patience and persistence eventually won and I was blessed with two beautiful daughters!! Whenever I see my daughters smile, I remember you. Every time I hold my angels in my arms I remember you!! For me you are the special angel God send for me tofulfill my desire of becoming a mother I wish you success in your endeavour to fulfill peoples lives with happiness and fulfilment

Always in gratitude
Preety Koul!!!

Dear Dr.Monica, We came your hospital after two unsuccessful attempts and with very little hope. You gave us hope and support to let things happen in right way. I never felt like a patient in the entire journey. Your continuous support and encouragement kept pushing me. The journey was made so light by you that it became more of fun and hopeful. And the entire team of your hospital at gurgaon was very supportive. Words cannot describe the kind of support we received from you. We thank you so very much for giving us our little bundles of joy. Whenever I see them I think of you. You came in to our life as an angel and gifted us with never ending happiness. thank you!!!

Sugandha and Dhruv along with little Tathagat and Akshainie

Dear Dr. Monica, We can’t thank you and your hospital enough for the support, guidance given to us. From the first visit at your hospital at Gurgaon we were comfortable and at ease after consulting you. Initially we were nervous and very sceptical. But, your personal care and touch gave us positive feel about the entire process. We got positive result in our first attempt, all credit goes to you. We really appreciate that you were always available for us. We never felt lost or left out. The entire treatment went smoothly and comfortable. Wishing you all the success for your future. Once again big thank you. Thanking you,

Best Regards, Supti Bose

Dear Dr Monica, We are thankful to you for getting us started on this parenthood journey!

Anonymous patient of Dr. Monica

From last 5.5 yrs I was trying to get conceive but failed, earlier we have taken treatment from 3 other doctors but every time we became hopeless. Then we met with Dr Monica, she advised us for IVF and treated me just like friend. In first attempt I got pregnant nd now I m mother of healthy twins. Thanks to her, her treatment filled joy, happiness nd fragrance in our life.

Shruti and Deepak

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Monica Sachdev and .. Hospital who helped us to bring abundant happiness into our life.

Anonymous patient of Dr. Monica

Respected Dr. Monica Ji, Words cannot express our feelings for your hospital and sply you for what you have contributed to our life. I still cherish our sunday meeting in the sector 11 Dwarkagurudwara during the counceling session held by your hospital at Gurgaon. After spending so much of our youthful life and hard earned money and passing the traumatic social life I think our meeting in the gurudwara was set by wahe guru himself and he sent you the angel in disguise of Dr. Monica. During the very first meeting my wife andI were sure that we are at the right place and with the right doctor and after having two to three session with you atgurgaon my wife expressed her full faith in you and from that day onward she was sure that our dream of becoming parent will come true here at your hospital and Dr. Monica will be successful in doing so. The excellent knowledgeable approach and your encouragement at all the stages of the treatment kept us together for the successful treatment. In fact this bond between the doctor and the patient played an equally important role along with the technology to achieve success in any medical treatment. Dr. We thank you from the bottom of our heart and will always remember you for your contribution in our otherwise dry life. Though we wish to place you in Gods place but since that shall not be appropriate we think you were the angel sent by wahe guru to help in distress. Thank you very much your hospital and thank you very very much Dr. Monica. We have named our daughter Angel at home and Aashi otherwise. I will remember you all my life and when I see my angel. May God bless you and your family and may you be instrumental for providing more smiles to unfortunate people like us whom you have given a life with much more happiness which otherwise only God could have provided. Let me know any way I could repay back to you and your hospital including all the so helpful and courteous staff who helped us in achieving the dream. Thank you thank you thank you from Anita and myself. Special thanks from Angel for bringing her to this world where even Gods wish to take birth.

Regards S S Dahiya

We are thankful to you Dr. Monica. We had lost hope after many treatments but when we met you my dream came true..... You were too dedicated to provide emergency care that was expected from us. Your utmost importance on the proper diagnosis & customized care helped us a lot. Youve guided us throughout the whole process of treatment from the first consultant till the delivery of babies..... You have offered everything under one roof & made every possible effort to complete our dream of having a child.... We are heartily thanks for receiving special attention & care for both health & wellness from the time we started interacting you.......

Arvind and Maltidevi

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness! After several disappointments and failures, a small semblance of hope is what took us to Dr Monika Sachdeva at Gurgaon. Saying thank you cannot encompass our gratitude for someone who was a God send and made our dream come true. We had not in our wildest dreams imagined success at the very first attempt at IVF but that is what they made possible for us. We went in expecting medical expertise and what we got in addition to it was warmth & compassion & genuine empathy. As we gingerly await the birth of our bundle of joy, Dr Monika has made this a very assuring adventure for us. May God bless her and everyone at the clinic.

Pt. Shweta and Atul Agnihotri

Dear Dr Monica, We do not have words to express our gratitude towards you. We will always remember your warm assuring smile,understanding nature, patience and especially the depth and mastery over your craft. Thanks for bringing the miracle in our lives.

Anonymous patient of Dr. Monica

We are forever grateful to your Gurgaon hospital& especially to Dr. Monica for everything you have done for us. We have been blessed with a healthy baby boy last week. You have made it possible by the helping us achieve our dream in the very first IVF attempt. Before coming to hospital, we tried looking online for a good Infertility clinic & finally after reading some good reviews , we decided to come for a consultation. It was such a positive journey from the very first day we met you till the day we got the good news about our baby. You have made the process so much easier for her & we'll always be grateful for the compassion, kindness and care you provided us. We have no words that can express our gratitude enough. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a blessing to our family & making it possible for our family to grow. We both will never forget all that you've done for us. We are forever grateful. Thank You!!

Anonymous patient of Dr. Monica

Dr. Monica is a remarkable doctor. Her pleasant smile and kind approach gave me lot of strength and positiveness for an IVF conception. She cleared all my myths which helped me to be calm during my treatment. Thanks alot doctor.

Anonymous patient of Dr. Monica

We were married since 2 years and i have tried to get conceived, also we tried in 2 other IVF Clinics, which was a failure. It was by chance that we came to know about Bourn Hall Hospital, where we met Dr Monica who gave us a hope. She made us understand that all is well She gave us the best treatment and By the Grace of God i got conceived and today we are proud parents of twin baby girls.

Anonymous patient of Dr. Monica