Choose Doctor

IVF is a journey where the infertile couple, doctor and her team including embryologist are fellow travellers. The challenges are faced together and the joy of reaching upto destination(i.e pregnancy) is same for all of them.

So a careful selection of fellow traveller i.e doctor is important to make the journey comfortable and fruitful. Doctor here is trained, experienced and has numerous success stories to her credit. Her sympathetic and friendly approach has brought smiles to aching hearts.

She has teamed with trained in house embryologist and has a well equipped IVF lab to serve her patients. Her honest and transparent approach gives clarity of situation to infertile couples and they feel they are in safe hands. Confidentiality and empathy are two virtues of this organisation and the doctor.

Her aim is to provide you quality service and just cheap service. Treatment is done not just for the sake of it but to achieve desirable results.