Sperm Banking

The purpose of cryopreserving semen (sperm banking) is to help ensure the possibility of conception in the future. It can be short term cryobanking or long term cryobanking.

 Short-term Semen Freezing : is the depositing, freezing and storage of sperm at a sperm bank for less than one year. Cryobanked sperm is then used in IUI, IVF/ICSI and other fertility treatment procedures. is recommended to

  1. when an intimate partner is temporarily absent.
  2. It is also recommended in cases of oligozoospermia (low sperm counts) where multiple semen collections and pooling may be desirable for use in a single insemination.

 Method : Prior to the collection of semen, sexual abstinence for at least 2 days, but not more than 5 days, is recommended to maximize the quality of the sample for cryopreservation.

After proper consent,the specimen will be collected into a sterile container through masturbation. Collection to be done at the centre,in our private rooms designated for this purpose. Before that your screening for infectious disease is done

A sperm sample will be divided into one or more vials depending on the number of motile sperm in the original sample. Each vial is used for one insemination attempt.These vials are then kept frozen after proper labeling and coding for future use.

Each sample (ejaculate) is mixed with a special media or solution to help provide protection during freezing and thawing. The samples are then placed in special plastic vials, which are coded, and carefully frozen in liquid nitrogen vapor. Once frozen, the vials are immersed in liquid nitrogen in secure tanks at a temperature of -196° C (-371° F). The liquid nitrogen is independent of any source of power, and is regularly checked and replenished. Each patient is assigned a unique “cryo code” and the sperm sample is processed individually using permanently marked vials .

 Reasons for long term freezing : When male are suffering from chronic medical disease which may affect the quality and quanitity of sperms.

When cancer is detected at younger age and sperms are preserved for future use to maintain the fertility of individual.

Men who are in highly hazardous occupations like radiation exposure,toxic chemicals,or physical harm.Their sperms can be preserved which can help to ensure their chance of fathering children in future.

Also applicable for men who because of their occupation are staying away from their partner for long.

 Sperm Donation :  Anonymous donor semen sample can be kept frozen provided the donor fulfills the criteria laid down by ICMR.

 1. individual should be free of HIV,HepB,HepC infection,Diabetes,Hypertension,sexually transmitted disease,and common and identifiable genetic disease like thalassemia.
 2. Between 21-45 years.
 3. Semen analysis is normal according to Revised WHO guidelines.
 4. The blood group and the Rh status of the individual must be determined and placed on record.
 5. Other relevant information in respect of the donor, such as height, weight, age, educational qualifications, profession, colour of the skin and the eyes, record of major diseases including any psychiatric disorder, and the family background in respect of history of any familial disorder must be recorded and entered in an appropriate performa. These samples can be used for artificial insemination or in IVF/ICSI in indicated cases after proper consent and full confidentiality and anonymity.