Ovum pick up-queries and their answers

Author : Dr.Monica Sachdeva
Date : 06 Jan 2020


Oocyte pickup (OPU) is an ultrasound-guided technique in which oocytes are aspirated using a needle connected to a suction pump. It is an integral part of an IVF cycle.

Subfertile women undergoing IVF are very much sceptical of OPU procedure fearing it to be a significant operation, but this is not the case at all.

Some queries answered here to ease off the tension in women undergoing IVF procedure to attain motherhood.

Q1. When does ovum pick up procedure takes place in an IVF cycle?

Ans. In women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, once the developing follicles reach approx 18-20mm diameter on transvaginal ultrasound, she is appointed for ovum pick up procedure. It approximately happens after 10to 12 days of hormonal injections.

Q2. What precautions do I have to take for OPU procedure?

Ans. In this procedure, we collect your eggs and use them for fertilization. This procedure takes place 34-35 hours post a "trigger " injection. Timing of trigger injection is crucial, and you have to stick to the time for sure. You should inform your doctor if you were for some reason not able to take the trigger injection before the OPU procedure.

Q3. Is ovum pick up an operative procedure and will I be admitted for this?

Ans. Ovum pick up is an operative procedure, and you have to come fasting for this. The time duration of the procedure is 15-20 mins and is done under anaesthesia. 2-3 hours post-procedure you recover well and can go back home.No need at all for 24hours admission.

Q4. Will there be a "cut" in my body to take out eggs?

Ans. Initially, when IVF was in its nascent stage, ovum picks up was done laparoscopically, but since many years now it is done transvaginally.No "cut" on the body at all.

Q5. What are the complications of ovum pick up?

Ans. Complications are rare in Ovum pickup. They are:

? Very rarely bleeding of the vaginal wall can occur, which is caused by the puncture needle. This bleeding can be stopped immediately after the procedure. Spotting after the puncture should subside slowly. The bleeding should not be stronger than normal menstruation bleeding.

? Ovarian Hyperstimulation  If necessary, you will receive additional infusions after the procedure. Please ensure adequate fluid supply (approx. 2 litres) after the ovum pickup.

? Nausea + Vomiting

? Pain in the lower abdomen

Q6. Will all eggs be removed from my body during ovum pick up, and I will be left with no eggs?

Ans. That's not the case at all. Follicular recruitment takes place every cycle, and those follicles are aspirated which get recruited and grow in that particular menstrual cycle. Many follicles are left behind, and these are home to eggs which can be used later on.

Q7. How will I know how many eggs were collected, and how is their quality?

Ans. Post ovum picks up procedure, before leaving for the home you can have a discussion with the in -house embryologist who will inform every detail of your eggs and their quality.

Q8. What is the role of my husband on ovum pick up procedure day?

Ans. He plays a very vital role. He will give his semen sample after abstinence of 3-5 days which will be used to fertilize your eggs. Moreover, he is an important part of your discussions with your IVF consultant and embryologist.

Q9. Can I exercise or do cycling after ovum pick up?

Ans. No, you are not advised to do so. Your ovaries are enlarged, and there are rare chances of torsion if there is overexertion. Light meal and deep breathing exercise, on the other hand, is beneficial.

Q10. What to eat or drink after ovum pick up procedure?

Ans. Once you recover from anaesthesia, you can have a light meal for that day. From the next day, you follow your usual routine. It is essential to stay hydrated and have lots of liquids after the procedure.

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