Egg Donor

For some women ,the gift of donated eggs is their only chance to have a baby.

 Who Needs Egg Donation? : is the depositing, freezing and storage of sperm at a sperm bank for less than one year. Cryobanked sperm is then used in IUI, IVF/ICSI and other fertility treatment procedures. is recommended to

  A premature menopause-affects 1-2% women under 40.
  Ovaries damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment of cancer.
  Genetic abnormalities Like Turner’s syndrome.
  Poorly functioning ovaries as they get older.
  Resistant ovaries.
  A high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offsprings.

 What happens at PIFC?

  Donor screening to ensure they are free of infections,diseases or genetic conditions that might be transmitted. A thorough medical and family history is taken and medical examination and blood tests are performed.
  A detailed counseling of donor is done and treatment process,risks and complications are explained.
  Donor receives injections for follicular stimulation.The donated eggs are fertilized using sperm of the recipient’s partner and the resultingembryos transferred to the recipient’s womb.