Never hide these problems from the Gynecologist, otherwise your health may deteriorate- Dr Monica Sachdeva

Author : pravi hospital
Date : 18 Aug 2022

Usually most of the women ignore their health problems and do not go to the doctor for treatment on time. Some women involved in work and responsibilities are unable to find the time to undergo a health check-up, while some women are not able to take proper care of their health and try home remedies instead of going to the doctor when they fall ill. If not treated on time, the diseases become serious and health starts deteriorating. 

Sexual problems related to women is also a similar problem about which most women are not able to talk openly and hesitate to tell their problems to the doctor. Many times women go to the gynecologist but due to shame, they are not able to talk about their sexual problems due to which the disease is not treated properly. In this article, we are going to tell you that if you go to a gynecologist, then tell your problems openly.

If your period is irregular, comes much earlier or late than the date or comes twice in a month or if there is any problem related to menstruation, then do not ignore it and go to the gynecologist. If you have period problems, you can have many types of health problems including infertility, depression and thyroid, so do not delay and get treatment with a gynecologist.

if any medication is on - Best gynecologist in kanpur

From Best Gynecologist Dr Monika Sachdeva in Kanpur If you are taking any other medicine including birth control pills or painkillers, and it is affecting your health, causing problems with periods or feeling pain while having sex If so, talk openly about your problem

Pain during sex -

Kanpur Gynecologist Monica Sachdeva ji tells that if you experience pain while having sex or if there is any other problem including bleeding from the vagina, then do not do home remedies and go to the gynecologist and get proper treatment.

vaginal odor -Best gynecologist in kanpur

If there is itching in the vagina or a strong odor, one should go to the doctor without any carelessness. Such sexual problems are due to infection so do not ignore and tell the gynecologist.

unusual abdominal pain

If you are having unusual pain in your stomach, back or waist and the pain persists for more than a week, then do not ignore it and go to the gynecologist for treatment.

Talk openly to kanpur best gynecologist Monika Sachdeva ji about all these sexual problems and get proper treatment at the right time. Sexual problems are the cause of many diseases, so do not ignore them and make a habit of telling your problem to the doctor.