Healthy Life -Just A Matter Of Your Choice!

Author : Dr.Monica Sachdeva
Date : 01 Apr 2020

Every human being is the author of his health—a very apt quote. Staying healthy is an individualistic choice. There is no - one size - fit -for all formula for all when it comes to health.

We as individuals get guidance & instructions since childhood of how to stay healthy, what to eat and what not, what to do, and what not to. So it is not lack of information, it is lack of determination to stay healthy.

Most modern-day diseases are chronic degenerative diseases. We hear about them all the time. Diabetes. Heart Disease. Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Multiple Sclerosis. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. These are just a few. Nowadays, degenerative diseases are expected to rise to 73% of all deaths and 60% of the global burden of disease—something to think about when it comes to our freedom of choice and taking responsibility for our health.

Adolescent girls resort to junk food and unhealthy lifestyle, gain weight and become subject to the polycystic ovarian syndrome in no time. They have the choice to stay healthy and be physically fit but search for lame excuses of being overweight or obese.

In today’s era men equipped with advanced electronic gadgets and their accessibility to alcohol and smoking has become negligent for their health. They gain weight and fall prey to degenerative diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Some times low or absent sperm count becomes a critical issue leading to infertility. Just adopting a healthy lifestyle may solve their problem, but old habits die hard.

We, as human beings have been successful in controlling acute infectious disease worldwide deaths, are more with chronic debilitating diseases and road accidents nowadays both indicators of poor lifestyle pattern.

In this present time, when we all are battling with a significant threat to humanity, i.e. coronavirus it has been observed individuals with strong immunity are fighting and recovering well. What more proof we need to have a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy and staying healthy can never happen overnight. It is a habit which has to be implanted in the younger generation from the very beginning. We, as mothers and parents, should object when we see our children becoming complacent about their health.

A healthy lifestyle is an ongoing lifetime process and requires up-gradation and rebooting of a system often. Hippocrates rightly said, “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Hope we understand this fully to save ourselves from ill health and chronic degenerative diseases.