Bursting myths about IVF

Author : Dr.Monica Sachdeva
Date : 24 Nov 2019

Bursting myths about IVF and infertility treatment  26th july 2019

Four decades have passed since the birth of first IVF baby ,Louise Brown.She herself is now a mother.Still myths and rumours concerning in vitro fertilization continue to sprout and thrive among us.

Lets discuss the true facts and nullify all the myths.

Dr.Monica Sachdeva anwers,

Myth - IVF is not safe.

Fact: Not true.Only 2%of patients standing therisk of becoming unwell due to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.Its a safe procedure.Delivering an IVF baby with malformation is very low risk,similar to spontaneous pregnancy.

Myth - Infertility is a Female problem

Fact : Not true.Only 35 % of infertility cases are caused solely by female factors.Another 35% cases are due to problems in male reproductive system.About 20 percent are combined and 10 percent have unexplained etiology.

Myth-IVF has 100% success rate

Fact : Not true.Though it is the most sucessful infertility treatment method it cannot gurantee 100% success rate.Success rate depends upon the age of female counterpart.Under 35 years of age ,the success rate is around 55-65% which is good number.Multiple factors determine success rate like age,cause of infertility,biological and hormonal conditions.

Myth-IVF is very painful

Females are scared of multiple IVF injections and their pain.But this is untrue.The injections are not painful and the needles used are very thin causing just a stinging sensation.

Myth-IVF requires prolonged bed rest

Fact: No strict bed rest is advised and prolonged immobilsation is not required.Avoiding exertional acivities is advised.The lady can resume her daily chores and in fact go to her workplace too.

Myth-IVF babies are not normal

Fact: This is another common misonception that IVF babies are 'not normal' as they are not the result of "natural process".However in all aspects their physical and mental development is as much as a normal baby.In fact ,IVF deliveries happen vaginally too.IVF babies are very much " naturally born babies".